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Coene, Marc

crox 99, October 1999. crox 123, September 2004. Photography. crox 99, the show with works of the, at that time unknown, photographer Marc Coene is the last Aannemersstraat-solo under the artistic directorship of Hans van Heirseele. Coene's photos get their strength from the remarkable framing which turns them into fascinating and equivocal icons, emphasised by the stringent technical constraints he imposes upon his art.  He uses, for instance, a camera of type Agfa Isoly, a typical 50's product.  Those camera's (Isoly and Isola or Isolette) are common: the lens is usually of a redoubtful quality and results in significant loss of light, especially under bright circumstances. Light and brightness can hardly be adapted. Coene exploits these technical limitations to attain an almost abstract image quality. Less is more. The images obtain a dark poetics.Spurious exposures turn into monumentous moves. The photos acquire the imagery of Celan, recalling what has yet to come.

crox 123 (September 2004). A series of barite prints. /LAN/ and a series of recent colour prints. Perfomance: Those Metal Boys with their Metal Toys.

crox 202 (March 2007). Barite prints. Publication of crox book NR 6, LAN. Again a preformance of Those Metals Boys with their Metal Toys.

crox 118. MC starts documenting the crox-projects. End 2004 he joins the Algemene Ledenvergadering (Member Assembly). At the same time he designs the first version of the digital crox-encyclopedia and gradually includes a mass of images in it. Later on, he archives the loads of visual material, not just photos but also videos, at www.video.google.be and FlickR. Gradually develops into a forceful and diligent collaborator.

Participates in "Verzamelwoede" (2007, Abdij Maagdendale).

Joins the Board in Autum 2007 as treasurer. Coördinates, with Frips, the WHAT ABOUT CROXHAPOX project (crox 186), a  mailart call. The project actually happens between early July 2006 and end September 2007. At the end of 2007 the project is presented in the crox-space.
Coordinates a crox-television /video material of practically all projects/ at Google Video and You Tube.

Publication of croxcards 76, a Paris étude, and 77, the mongrel (2008).

Participates in Zennestraat 17a rue Zenne (May 2009), a coproduction with a.o. Secondroom, Fortlaan 17, Les Bains Connective and Constant VZW at a warehouse in Brussels. The crox-selection consists of: Johan De Wilde, Alda Snopek, Christophe Lezaire, Steffie Van Cauter, Julian Moran and Marc Coene.

1 November 2009: parttime employee of Croxhapox, responsible for documentation and archive, website maintainance and logistic support.