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crox poem

Opening speech
crox 53 (Dre Devens, mei 1997). Piece for typewriter, tin can, flute and voices
(Hans van Heirseele). The composition Piece for typewriter, tin can, flute and
voices is based on a poem by Jackson Mac Low: 36th Light Poem: In Memoriam
Buster Keaton (Jackson Mac Low, Representative Works: 1938-1985; Roof Books
1986). 4 sound-units each time follow a rhythmic pattern which is subjected to
a random process; the rhythmic patterns are performed by/on/with respectively a
typewriter (text 1), a tin (percussion, text 2), alt flute (text 3) and voice
(text 4). The recording was afterwards reduced to 2 tapes (because only 2
cassette players wer available). During the performance the performer sits at a
small table. On the table are a typewriter and a pile of books. The performer
types a text the fragments of which are from the books. There are some five
books. Crox poem N°53 is the material residu of that performance:


Each now and then / spontaneous / whatever it meant. Its means
and effects. He never wrote a regular poem.
Didn't care a damn shit. Her entire body liberated, curved
in between an ashtray and fingertips. Gertrud knew, solid ground
in between eyebrows a rooftop.
Make it seen or unseen / these people just seem meant to be there.
Even quite easy, it would feel difficult to accomplish.
Each third movement needs a different move.
One more variation on something Chopin wrote,
one thing, we knew all about it, and one thing don't.
And some very short act, spontaneous, whatever it meant.

[A Dutch translation is available > crox poeem]