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Chang, Nan-Ping (Taiwan)

Chang, Nan-Ping (Taiwan) Crox 149, 30 September and 1 October 2005. Solo performance 444.

Fragments from a text about 444: /444 is a solo dance performance. The basic idea refers to one of the most motivating but destructive characteristics of humankind: greed. Many daily movements or endeavours are the effect of the ambition for results, a material gain or the feeling of having enriched oneself./ 

/A second theme comments on the growing demands to the human body as an aesthetic object./ 

/444 is in essence a simple performance. A dancer moves in an almost empty space, is this way attention is drawn entirely to her body/ carefully and cutiously she explores the space/ 

/gradually she starts to act strangely/

/radical >metamorphois/ transforms into a pig/ In this stage instinct takes over from ratio and the person on stage coincides with her drives ( ) translated in a primitive, animallike language of movements. The whole feels raw and violent./

/What started as a disgusting scene (is) gets more and more a status of beauty, of freedom./  

/After this animallike stage follows a meditative episode./ (>naked) she moves imploringly,/

(apparently eastern)/

/During the >performance slides are projected showing details of body parts. After the performance a short movie is projected./