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Cotteleer, Anton

crox 88. Solo project, January 1999. This is the project where AC presents the breathing table.

crox 102. Carte blanche, a group project in Cultureel Centrum Strombeek-Bever (Brussels), February 2000. Three artists: Jan De Cock (Brussel), Dirk Zoete (Gent) and Anton Cotteleer (Antwerpen).

crox 145-I. Basics 2, June-July 2005. 

crox 188-I. Brainbox unit 1: Anton Cotteleer, Stijn Van Dorpe, Nicolas Leus. September 2006 

crox 188-VII. Brainbox unit 7. Identical to unit 1. December 2006

PURE POETRY - Edith Doove, De Standaard, Wednesday 13 January 1999. Croxhapox has a surprisingly poetical exhibition with works by Anton Cotteleer and the American Patricia Thornley. Cotteleer presents a very sparce installation with slightly surrealistic objects. A birdcage covered by a cloth resembles a Singer sewing machine merged with a table - a hole replaces the place where they touch. A tiny red plastic bucket is a bit further. Here is the poor beast you would expect to be in the cage - not a bird, but a squirrel very dead and stuffed and in its turn melting in with its environment./ Lastly, there is a low table. I regard it to be seats to contemplate the spectacle described before. Fortunately, I don't take a seat because what appears a real wooden table top with its rings and nodes is a membrane moving slowly up and down. Herein lies the power of Cotteleers work - everything seems to be breathing, encompassing some kind of life./ The table/cage gives the impression to harbour a birdy not wanting to escape through the hole in the table, the squirrel seems to be sleeping peacefully and to be happy with its environment by taking on its colour. And the table, it really breathes./ Patricia Thornley's work is interesting also, but in an entirely different way.