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Carbonel, Jose Cleiton (BR)

Brazilian graffiti- & favela artist invited to Belgium by John Erbuer. His residence at KASK coincides with Europalia Brazilië (Atumn 2011). In early 2012 crox 397 follows. Carbonel has returned to Brazil and didn't, if I remember well, visit croxhapox. Crox 397 is a production of Chilean artist Marlène Elgueta Aguilera and Ruggero Pini, a young artist from Padua who studied  Multimedia at KASK. Coördination: John Erbuer. The crox-project consist of a remake of the - what again is the right word for the space limited by two-coloured plastic ribbons (red/white, yellow/black) -  constructed corridor. Just like everything else Carbonel makes very much improvised and with a complex-free contemporaneous blanco. Ruggero Pini shows a documentaire. He filmed  Carbonel during his KASK-residence. Carlos Alberto, a buddy of Carbonel, also shows some works. The project coincides with  solo presentations by Vincent de Roder and Frank & Robbert.

[Note of the translator: Carbonel stayed in the flat previously known as the crox residence, Jan Delvinlaan. He painted the inside door of his room and the door of the wardrobe. The paintings are still there.]