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Michaël Borremans (crox 93), The Fetish Series - March 1999.

Olifant - Elephant. Fetish animal in the mail art correspondence of Sjoerd Paridaen and Hans van Heirseele. The link is the theme of an unpublished volume entitled 'Olifant The elephant L'éléphant' by Hans van Heirseele.
Most of the guns and weapons from the collection of J. Van der Borght (crox 131) are handmade.
A color: orange. Fetish color of Franky DC. Fetish color of one of that many collections of Nicolas Leus, a collection of erotic and/or semi-pornographic novels.
An item: make-up. Focus of the collection of Ann Van der Gucht, part of the collections shown in Abdij Maagdendale during April and May 2007. The make-up objects are wrapped in a layer of gesso.
Bread. Footware made from bread (Dirk Zoete, crox 211 - 2007).