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6 september - 5 oktober 2014. Presentaties van Bob Van de Putte, Sacha Eckes, Jeroen Frateur, Joop Stoop (NL) en Dimitris Ameladiotis (GR). Samenstelling en coördinatie: Jelle Clarisse. Finissage op zaterdag 4 en zondag 5 oktober. Zaterdag 4 oktober een Stoopse namiddag met curry en de performance van Hans Flavin. Op zondag 5 oktober een foto shoot met de Murgafanfare van Komen en Gaan en pannenkoekenbak.
Noetics is afgeleid van het Griekse noumena. Marina Stavrou (GR) schreef er het volgende over: "The Greek word noumenon, plural noumena, is the middle-passive present participle of noein, "I think, I mean", which in turn originates from the word nous, perception, understanding, mind.
A rough equivalent in English 'noumena' therefore would be "something that is thought", or "the object of an act of thought".
This sort of intellect, nous, we could say works like light, in the same way the light falls on objects and reveals its colours, so nous gives shape and form to things.
'Noetic forms' could be an option, and if we seek for a feminine aspect, maybe Aphrodite can be used as a metaphor of this female element? (for example that is why the word Hermaphroditus was formed, because he was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite)."