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blue Blue stands for shoe and dark blue means let's go,
at least in Leentje Vandenbussche's reconstruction of 'Waiting for
Godot'. Other colors involved in this pattern, based on hapax legomena
figuring in above mentioned book, are grey, red, pink, yellow, green,
dark green (or terre verte) and black.

A work called Basement, made from blue isolation material. It's part of the first WELD project, crox 194 (Nov-Dec 2006).

The desk in the crox-bar got a three-color tile-dress: green, red and dark blue.

Blue; upper part of the cover of crox-book NR 2; lower part in the cover of crox-book NR 3.

Delphine wears a blue dress with a pattern of pink and white flowers. >Penninckx

Broken beamer,
that's what Joris Van der Borght wrote on a blue plastic chair, since
2005 part of the furniture in the crox-entrance. The chair belonged to
his crox 131 project, titled Sacre Bordel.

Beamer-blue makes an excellent rectangular blue.

Some of the drawings of Johan De Wilde's second crox-project (crox 178, May 2006) have a heavy blue color.

of the paintings of Hans van Heirseele, actually these on crox-cards 10
and 17, have an allover blue tone. The blue tones and shades, often
added to some of the other colors, create an illusion of depth.

More blue in At Noon, crox-card NR 43 by Thomas Böing, and Magazine Figures,
crox-card NR 45, a rollerpoint drawing by Hedwig Brouckaert. Boïng
himself made a second edition of card NR 43, printed digitally at home
and without blank frame. 

"Ain't got blue eyes," sweetheart said.

- This blue list is part of a series of mailart works from the
collection of Belgian mail artist Sjoerd Paridaen; exhibited during
'Verzamelwoede' a project at Abdij Maagdedale (Oudenaarde, April-May

EDWIN GOLIK-GOLIKOV egg blue pieces.
Pavlov blue. blue notebook. JOHAN VAN GELUWE fine blue collages. blue
dix. greetings. card. MAHATMA K. JEEVES blue card. Mister Fatebak. You
are helping me. LESLIE HOOPER card. blue bag blue climax. blue pins.
blue film. ROBERT FILLIOU Tortue jaune fixed with a blue pin. HERVE
WÜRZ ice blue aqua melva williams après rasage. AUREL McELWAIN blue
xerox scenic highway what eye. MARCO BALDINI three blue T.V. screens.
ROSY ALMOND screws it blue book + many blue  corporate works. CONNIE
ADAMS for all your cut wrapped in blue wool. JOHN EVANS blue glass
bottle with Iceland flot-am + Kate Smith? MERRILY FORD Robins blue
flowers. 125 collage. AL FORD Needlepoint blue robin. Robin Blue.
TINKER BELLE. Blue Jeans. Intact. CLAUDIA SMITH Soft sculpture with
blue heart. MICHAELA VERSARI Open or blue. collage with a zip. ROMANO
PELI Blue overall. blue bag. blue card. blue balloon. WILLIAM HAYNER
Texas cowgirl jeans. badges. faded flowers. pink ribbon. ANONYMOUS blue
objects. cut out paper. ANONYMOUS Blue work --- by English P.O.
Officials. WENDY BRITO. A few blue things. A.E. MARX VIGO Sky/cloud
Poetical Fly Action in cloth. wood. string. card. beautiful. UNKNOWN
VISITOR Blue disc with some indentations. Highly parfumed. MR.
CUTTLEFISH Xerox. some cowrides this blue. Cuttlefish. EGGERT PETURSSON
blue gesture. INGOLFUR ARNARSSON blue gesture. PAWEL KWIEK anything
blue. JON GUNNAR ARNASON blue cross. JIRI VALOCH do it yourself. blue
chemical analysis. make all blue! MICHAEL GIBBS An artists blues for
Robin Crozier. HENRI NIOTOU La gamme complète des Blues extra strong
collage. JANUSZ OSTROWSKI Blue niebrieski sky + many corporate
additions. CLAUDIO ZOCCOLA Un uomo in blue with blue wool. JULIEN
BLAINE Ecriture. C'est bleu à l'intérieur. theme. WACLAW ROPIECKI Photo
with tight blue pants. RICHARD OLSON Do not open perforated enveloppe.
LEAVENWORTH JACKSON Rattle your blue chains. ULISES CARRION A little
bit of blue remorse in red. GIANIKIAN RICCI LUCCHI Un blue fiore per
te. HENRI NIOTOU 1"CM2 NIOTOU (blue x blue). SEBASTIAN Ablue 'thing'.
M. BUCHANAN Weeki Wachee Mermaids and Sunshine skyway. ANONYMOUS Blue
invitation from Bolton. JOHN ARMLEDER A blue enveloppe and a blue
ballpoint pen. STEVE HITCHCOCK California Savings Record as
Circumstantial Evidence. MARTY GUNSAULLUS Son's language turns his
parents blue. PAULO BRUSCKY Blue threads. Confidencial blue. LEONHARD
FRANK DUCH I am Duch (blue) not Duchamp. R.D. SCHROEK Nude
condescending the Stairs. DON MILLIKEN One of my closest friends. RHODA
MAPPO Blue boogalloo got the blue blues. PAUL CARTER Frozen terror.
Cultural Affairs. BARON Directly into the scalp. GEORGE BRETT Blew.
SUSAN YOUNG Hello blue monday and many corporate additions. SIR
QUAXALOT Ohio blue tip matches. SUB WAXIN HADDOCK Blue art maggots.
MAHATMA KANE JEEVES Blue creamies. PAT FISH Blue headstand. DANA LONG I
feel violet, no, blue. SOMEONE DUTCH Noblesse. STEVEN DURLAND Ilford
blue. EGG A patch of blue. RHODA MAPPO A Hacked by blue birds. DON
MILLIKEN You can spoon it rip it, chew it. MICHAEL SCOTT Mondsee mit
Drachenwand. MICHELE PERFETTI Blu Dentro il Mondo. ALBERT M. FINE .....
BLUE. KO DE JONGE Lets open things. Open-Closed blue. GABOR TOTH Nice
blue colours photographed in black & white. ASTA OLAFSDOTTIR a.
HALLGRIMSDOTTIR card. TINKERBELLE Certified blue feather. RINO
'DINOSAUR' BIEGE Green Dinosaurs mixture of yellow and blue. PEDRO
Many blue and white words and languages. SIMON ANDERSON if blue is a
bore.... Seven new blues. KENNET BJORNE Blue love from Sweden. ----
PAULINE SMITH Vacuum formed blue foam? + blue stickers. GUGLIELMO
ACHILLE CAVELLINI Fortuna blue for Robin Crozier. DON PETERSON Blue
photo. Two mosaics. ANTONIO FERRO ..... Immagine per Vigo. Blue for
Iceland Blue Show. ROBERT KELLY. A blue exhibit to complete Blue
schoolgirls. ROD SUMMERS 4 tampons de blue. Nouvelle emballage. par
avion. JOHN KOZYRA Grendel. A Blue Babie spilled from a plastic bag.
ANNA BANANA Blue Banana Products. Blue States of Mind. BILL GAGLIONE A
blue letter for me from ... Anna Banana! RICHARD (Blue) KOSTELANETZ
Echo blue oche eulb. TOMASZ SCHULZ Blue cards Blue envelopes. Blue
Pawel Olof. FRANCO VERDI 2 collages on blue card. MIKE NULTY ThisBlue
has been certified as Art. Please use. MIKE TAYLOR Blue collage. Yes -
its as simple as that! JOHN M. BENNETT Saw a lady. her teeth were blue.
DREAMS. CHRIS JONES Easter Blue Holiday Map. A (Turkish) Blue Mosque.
RON CROWCROFT A blue rock labelled "BREAD". Robins emigrations. DAVID
DRUMMON-MILNE Blue enigma. Blue Story. Blue Cul-de-Sac... SUB WAXIN
HADDOCK Stick post cards together here. Blue chip. BILL GAGLIONE
(Blackmail) Blue Banana dream. PAULINE SMITH Blue Shorthand
Commandments for Temps. SUZANNE LACY Travels with Mona. P/Postcard by
number. PLINIO MESCIULAM Twelve blue addressees..... VITTORI BARONI
Vittori has got the blues through Mohammed. JOD JORGENSEN Iceland
commemorative Blue Gooze Issue. VITTORI BARONI Denim envelope. A cloud
by air. RINO TACCHELA Transparent blue card. Bel Blu! DONALD A. BUDD
Blue --- with blue pen by Robin. UNHANDEIJARA LISBOA Grey blue black
birds over the sea. GARY ALLEN. Man in blue bummy hat. Silver cross.
RUSSELL BUTLER White water makes a blue stain. Blue T.V. STEVEN DURLAND
Blue boxed cards and sticky blue card. A. VANDENBURGH Blue black fish.
DR. STOR Blue Splash. NIC THOMPSON "Not bothered!" (blue). ANGELA
DOLPHIN "Not bothered!" (blue). KEN SAVILLE Genuine New Mexican sky
remnants, blue poem. LUCY ZANELLO Three blue coins, blue grains, blue
tiSsue. NELLO CASTOLOLO Rosa? una? Bill? No! DADA. DADA is blue. ZOFIA
KULIK Przemylaws right hand contoured by Zofia. PRZEMYSLAW KWIEK Zofias
left hand contoured by Przemylaw. ROBERT REHFELDT Blue news. Blue
cards. Blues for Robin. RUTH REHFELDT Just blue. Blue strawberries.
Many blue poems. SUSAN E. KING Pacific Legend book. IN TRANSIT blue
label. JANET BUBAR Kablue blue wool book. A yarn for the yoring.
RICHARD MELTZER T-SHIRT with blue label. Darwin. SARENKO Mare. NIELS
LOMHOLT A book with photos (blue) from Iceland. JUDITH HOFFBERG
Umbrella on blue paper. KLAUS GROH Life is blue. Blue too! Try! MIKE
DYAR Blue (food for the future). Mars blue. ART SSTYLE Sort of ice blue
tape. Lite bloo tayp. Like it? FALVES SILVA Original blue. Blue girls.
Blue holes. TONY BRADLEY The blue of the daylight sky. Blue pooh.
MICHAEL SCOTT Its all over now (blue). Blue shoe. LANNY SILVERMAN
Dangerously close to cute. HORACIO ZABALA Art is a blue prison. Blue
art is a prison. JERRY DREVA Cursing the blues. Blue time. Blue Bob
Burrow. BARRY BERG Surfing December issue. BETTY BRESSI Shopping list
on blue paper glassworks. LOE SCHOONBROOD Blue 1922. BERN PORTER
Visiting card. Blue washed. BALINT SZOMBATHY Blue work 1978.....
Sternenfreundschaft? MAREK LAWRYNOWICZ Three blue rectangles inside
three. IDA KROL O,45-0,49 UM in the sky. PAUL NICHOLSON Blue Oak Trio
Blu. Blau. Bleu. Blue + many corporate additions. BERNARD K. FISCHER
Blue Memories. J. MEDEIROS Moondreams/ blue. Blanies blue/ black hand.
JOHN PERREAULT Easy to apply blue decal easy to remove. TOM WINTER The
blue is a hangup. Blowin, blown, blue. ANGELIKA SCHMIDT 5th blue mit
luftpost mit Runge cherubs. OMAR GALUANI Blue intervention x 3 onto a
panited church ceiling. PAT LARTER Oh Pun Legs. Femail Art. Self
exposure.RICHARD OLSON 30 blues from blueridge to teal blue + penis
pointer. PAWEL PETASZ Blue Mers Art N°572/78 hand stamped. TOM OCKERSE
The sky outside the Statue of Liberty. DAVI DET HOMPSON Island blue
from Rhose Island. HEIDI LARSON Blue reflection. HELEN BONOFF
Bloobloo...d. ANNE CHARLES From Air Force to Aquamarine. ELIZABETH
KASSLER Whole blue hole. MARGARET GRAHAM Blue Bogart takes America. ANN
HARAKAWA Bessie Smith singing. KATE WEESE Blue sandal straps. DOROTHY
FREDERICK Blue sky book. KENNETH MORAN Blue--- of "its too beautiful
for words". AARON FLORES Blue saludos with pin ups dates and stars. LON
SPIEGELMAN Blue --- man in boater drowning. JIM PARRISH Portable blue
memorial. EUGENIO MICCINI Poetry comes.... out of the blue. PATRICK
GIFREU El robre s'obra blue envelope opens. WACLAW ROPIECKI The light
blue. The heavy blue. MARCONDES SILVA Blmue window. ALBERTO HARRIGAN
Brazilian blue. LENINHA AGUIA MENDES Everything is blue like All
Innocents blood. PAULO RO A felicidade geral. AS minorias em luta.
Another blue. PATRICIA PLATTNER One blue pack a day, all around the
Butterfly Sky Zone. Hand Sky Zone. ANNA-K LOBNER I wonna get a 'blue
return'. Thanks. MAURIZIO GOLDONI The Acrobatic Patrol. Heroes of the
Italian Air Force. ALBERTO GALLINGANI The blue is behind the door. RINO
TACCHELLA New Blue Clouds. Il nave deve uivere. MARIE SARAPATA Blue
from the warehouse district of Chicago. BRIAN BUCZAK Poetic term in 3
letters for meadow. THE MENTAL TRAVELLER Livorino blue replaces
Reykjavik. ARPAD TOTH --- blue. Blau = kek. FERDINANDO DESOLIVIS Blue
watercolour. DONALD KOCHI Pink girl in blue jeans... Unzip her. HERVE
WURZ George Brecht: Exit Entrance (in blue). DON PETERSON Blue cover
over 1977. TERESINKA PEREIRA Blue poem to Infinity. MICHAEL MOLLETT
Exerpt of sky and Stimula Condoms. GUY SCHRAENEN Blue brush and
fingerprint. DOROTHY IANNONE 'I wonna get a blue return' from Anna-K
Lobner. CHARLTON BURCH Rattle O.K. J;H; KOCMAN In blue envelope - blue
The blue sun. GABOR TOTH I'm my first idea in blue. PETER BELOW
Recycled blue. GERALD MINKOFF Rape so die in blue (blood) Icelandic
Blues. MURIEL OLESEN Make a blue duck from a ornithorhyn ch--- GEOFF
HENDRICKS Nine sky postcards from blue to ---- ROLF STAECK Blue bird
over the Merrestadt, Leipzig. PAVEL BUCHLER Blue Gauloises Series. CEES
FRANCKE Blue lips, thighs, feet, tits and armpits. BEN VAUTIER A letter
from Berlin. Look at the sky when it is blue (through this hole).
GRISCHA MEYER Blue computer tape. Cat. N°PF02 (Blue) and the Foundation
of the Blue Society. ANNE BARRICK "Too blue, Seagull (I)" and a blue
moustache. AL SOUZA Plaster cart. Wool not part of the sculpture. BRIAN
MULDOON Blue piece of cake on a plate. MAURIZIO CAMERAMI Carrette.
XENIA MUSCAT Something with some blue. Beethoven - hefte. ROBERTO
BIASCI Frilly blue lace panties. Life jeans. Insert your impressions.
TONY BRADLEY Corporate blue additions. IRENE REDDISH Feather blue.
ROBERT KELLY Pink. BATMAN Blue masks. VITTORI BARONI Comatula (Oceano
Indiano). MARCO PACHETTI Blue pachetti. GEORGE MACIUNAS Blue morning
blue mourning. REBECCA LOMHOLT Blue name. AN ICELANDIC NAME Blue info.
advertisement. YOSHIO NAKAJIMA Unbeat Nirvana blue porno---- ROBIN
CROZIER Who? ROD SUMMERS Ask for the next issue of "Blue Pictures".....
As you can see from this list the exhibition consisted of single works
or a number of works sent by individual contributors and a number of
corporate works which I had worked on together with other artists. Most
of the works were on paper but there were several sculptures, items of
clothing, a needlepoint, constructions in a variety of materials and
books. The whole exhibition is now in a large box in my studio and I
wonder what will happen to it next.......? I was certainly amazed by
the number and variety of the works received - and, of course, by their
creativity - but no, I guess this is, after all, the Creative Network
at work... Robin Crozier