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Adler, Gosbert (D) crox 53 (1996): Interiors. A solo project. I loved it. It was such a beautiful project. We met Adler one year earlier when Antje Dorn, his girlfriend, had her crox-project. He didn't mention he was an artist. I may have asked what he was doing. The question, naked and brute as it was, may have troubled him, I can't remember. He gave us a catalogue. We ran through the catalogue, presenting a fabulous sample of abstracted environments. For the crox-project he came with a series of photographs espacially made for the project, wondering what his old mother did in the house she lived. The photographs were grey as grey. The grey was a liquid, it took all of the surface. I remember that I asked him how he made it.

ANSICH (June 2010). A presentation of work by students of DKO Offerlaan Gent.

Banana, Anna (CA)
crox 298: BUT IS IT ART? (April 2009). Performance project and lecture afterwards. The lecture goes with a load of image material.

Bassleer, Frank Project in the little cube, january-february 2008.

Bauwens, Ria November 2005. Solo project. Two series of photographs: a set of black & white selfportraits, and a set of color images. crox 372-2 (2010), one more cube project. From this series a crox-card.

Blondeel, Maria crox 17-2, copy art project (1992). crox 30, a window project (1995). crox 57, an environmental installation in the basement of Aannemersstraat 54, on December 21, 1996.

Böing, Thomas (DE) crox 191 (October 2006). A series of photographs with cut-outs (and other material).

Borghouts, Karin crox 322 (December 2009). View in a Japanese Garden.

Boudia, Samir
crox 153 (May 2005). Digitally manipulated pictures.

Braeckman, Dirk crox 51, Open Doors (1996). The work is a portrait. It becomes part of the location. Established on top of that: it is a portrait. The portrait and the location stick to each other. Darkness.

Bruneel, David crox 145-I & crox 145-II (Basics 2). Two series of photographs that document a similar project. Both series document the changes of a coalition of salt and red wine, or maybe some other product.

Buta, Florin (RO) Newspaper issues as a ground layer for painting.

Carels, Edwin. crox 3, solo project (1990). First intervention as photographer is the cover of the En Passant catalogue (1991), a picture made in Budapest. For his second intervention as photographer, and his second solo project (crox 24, January 1995), he sticks to photographs made by others, re-inventing the whole thing by focusing on minimal fragments of each picture.

CarianaCarianne (US) crox-book NR 3: BORDERS (2006). Images on pages 21, 23, 24, 26, 29, 31, 58 and 77 are by CarianaCarianne. All others are by Marc Coene.

Coene, Marc crox 99, his first solo project (October 1999), coincides with van leaving for Spain and the end of the second crox-period. His second solo project, crox 123, five years later, gathers a series of enigmatic black & whites and some color images in addition. See video.google.be (croxhapox). Crox photographer. Begins to documentate the projects during 2004. With third solo project in 2007 he once more focuses on black & white photography. Participates in Verzamelwoede (2007), a project in Oudenaarde, and the first edition of The Zennestraatproject (crox 299, May 2009). A total of four crox-cards. LAN, crox-book nr6, is published in 2007, and brings a large selection of photographs from the LAN series.

Cornelis, Frederik crox 78 (1998), triptych with Marc De Clercq and Anja Hellebaut.

Cotteleer, Anton BASICS 2, crox 145 (2005). Asked to document his way of working and thinking Anton added the photograph of a cat. The picture got glued to a thick mass of mashed wood and the subject on it looked as if it knew that it was the usual thing, nothing else could or would or should have happened.

Couturier, Michel crox 315 (2009). Drawings manufactured from photographic samples. Emblematic. FIGURES, crox-book Nr 14. Multimedia artist focused on social environment.

Cox, Wouter
crox 12 (januari 1991). Polaroids./ crox 17-I (1991), copy art project, and some more polaroid.

CUM (January 2010). Multimedia. CUM got notorious for the many semi-pornographic graffiti stamps. OFF THE CHAIN, the presentation at croxhapox combines a load of different images and viewprints.

Danneels, Helena
crox 175-I (2006). Helena, in 2006 still a teenage, presents a series of black & white photographs meant as school work. Most of it is splendid.

De Beerst, Xavier crox 17-I (1991). Copy art project.

De Brabandere, Sanne crox 267. KASKweek 2008.

De Clercq, Marc
crox 51 (1996); review in De Morgen./ crox 78 (1998), triptych; other artists are Frederik Cornelis and Anja Hellebaut. Participates as photographer and documentator in the first edition of BRAINBOX (2006).

Decorte, Wouter crox 145-I (Basics 2): a series of photographs that document the work on his many projects.

Defrancq, Evert crox 112, window project (January 2004). Participates in BASICS2 (2005/2006) and both BRAINBOX editions (2006/2009).

Degrève, Maria crox 140 (2005).

Delodder, Tuur crox 148 (september 2005). Photographs of a work in progress, Tankgarage, and its final result. The whole thing is a combination of Evironment Art Experience, the Tankgarage (final location of the vehicle is Zelzate), and the act and result of documentation.

De Neef, Dirk crox 26 (1995) solo project & crox 51 (1996), the Open Doors project, combining work of artists and neighbors./ Window project (crox 48, June 1996). The window project is a wall of images made in Berlin, portraits of stone faces.

Deraedt, Sara A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

De Wachter, Bruno
crox 307 (30 May 2009). Lecture on a walk from Brussels to Paris.

De Waegeneer, Wim >Leus

De Wilde, Johan crox 98 (June 1999) & crox 178 (May 2006), solo projects. Crox-card NR 29 (Oslo/ 2005). Crox-book NR 2: PARTICLES (2006). The qualities of JDW as a photographer are far beyond anything said. It is the thing seen, and the thing seen is the thing said. Quote: makes any image part of the unseen image that could have been a perfect one. Makes it perfect enough not to be imperfect. Perfect. Makes it imperfect, more perfect, and imperfect. Makes it perfect, again. Again, makes it imperfect. And again, makes it perfect.

De Windt, Peter crox 51, Open Deuren (1996).

Dheedene, Stefaan crox 152 (October 2005): a photograph made in Rwanda. crox 277-7, BRAINBOX2 unit 7: photographs made for an auction on Ebay. SD makes photographs of all the objects that remain in the BRAINBOXproject. Some of the other objects were destroyed during the actions of units 4, 5 and 6. Apart from that he and Steffie Van Cauter build a wooden cabin and Steffie makes a short animation movie too with some of the ashes from the stove.

D'hondt, Lieve crox 51, crox 95, crox 124, crox 145-I, crox 145-II, crox 188-V. As a photographer she participates on 2nd level of Brainbox, being part of its 1st level as well. Photography is a basic component of most of her projects. One could call it attitude as well: the part of being a viewer and looking at things.

DD Trans September 2007. One photograph showing a cloudyed summer sky (Italy?) and the artists's hand holding a cigarette.

Doubrawa, Reinhard (DE) crox 344 (2010). BRAINENLARGEMENT. A set of approx 150 photographs. Cube project.

Engels, Christophe
crox 162, ARMEE LEGER (January 2006). Digitally remastered photographs. One of the participants of Basics 2, first edition and sequel. Images with a solid and cold atmosphere. Fishing goldfish in the artic.

Engels, Ludo Member of the Experimental Intermedia Foundation. His first crox solo is a window project, crox 56 (November 1996). Second appearance is January 1998, with a second solo project, crox 71. Third appearance during the first edition of BRAINBOX (2006), a performance with Alda Snopek and Merlin Spie. No photography involved.

FOTO+ May 2005. /Review by Filip Naudts. A portrait of crox activities (focus on photography) with works in addition by Anja Hellebaut and Samir Boudia./ Recensie, auteur Filip Naudts. Een biop van croxhapox (focus is fotografie) met beeldmateriaal van Anja Hellebaut en Samir Boudia.

Goyvaerts, Robbert crox 294 (March 2009). Multimedia project of Robbert and Frank, or Bruce & Bruce, in the Thomsenroom.

Gruber, Assaf Characters Make Stories (crox 334, May 2010), a project curated by Stijn Van Dorpe. A set of three photographs.

Gysen, Evelien
Project in the little cube, May 2008. Slide projection of a series of photographs depicting handmade mountain sceneries.

Hellebaut, Anja /crox 78 (1998), a triptych with Marc De Clercq and Frederik Cornelis. crox 142 (2005), a solo project. crox-cards 27 & 28.

Hofman, Katrien crox 106, window project titled Tante Wieze. Fabric, clothing and photographic elements.

Huyghe, Thomas crox 104, June 2000, 'The First Ten', agroup event because of 10 years. The work of Thomas Huyghe is a photographic collage. Samples of this technique appear in a mailart correspondence from the late nineties.

Jacobs, Roel crox 318 (2009). BEJING-GENT. A coproduction of Circa, De Garage (Mechelen) and Croxhapox. Human environment. Limits.

Kovacovsky, Eva-Fiore (CH)
A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Krone, Larry
crox 97 (1999). A portrait of Larry figures in the 'The First Ten' catalogue (De Eerste 10), a retrospective event on the first ten years of crox activity (1990-2000). The photo pictures Krone as a handsome crooner, lost in the lonesome West.

Kruithof, Anouk (NL) Participates in the Contemporary City Berlin project (2009), a coproduction of Flachland Kunstverein, Lokaal 01 and Croxhapox. Takes part in A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Kutter, Susanne (DE)
crox 358 (2011). A maquette, one movie and four illuminated photographs. One is a south-american cockroach, two is a butterfly, three is a set of three flies, four is a spider.

Lagast, Peter
BASICS 1, crox 110 (2003): a mixture of drawing and photographic elements.

Lahlou, Mehdi-Georges (FR) crox 369 (2011). A black kaaba-like cube offers the enigmatic environment for only one picture, a portrait of four burka-dressed females looking at a black kaaba-like cube.

Leus, Nicolas. crox 166 (February 2006), Zenpunk. One of the elements in his crox solo is a slide projection of photographic material. Participates in the second part of the Zennestraatproject. One of the elements is a photograph taken by Wim De Waegeneer on 9/11 during a walk along the Belgian coast.

Leykauf, Alexandra (DE) A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Libens, Daniël
crox 11 (december 1990): Cahiers panoramiques. Review in De Gentenaar; >Pültau.

Maes, Anne crox 310 (September 2009-January 2010). Window project.

Mannaerts, Valerie A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Matyn, Michèle
A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Merkx, Frank
crox 294 (March 2009). First crox-project of Robbert & Frank and second apperance as they participated in the 2008 Gentlemen's Gentlemen spectacle. Some of the photographs are from magazines bought during their first American travel earlier that year. Second project autumn 2009. >Goyvaerts, Robbert

Morrens, Peter 'de helft van het werk' - Half of the work. Crox 211 (May 2007). A miscellanious collection of drawings, paintings and photographs.
Crox-book NR. 10 (release June 2008). Legs (photographs made in Tokyo). Event #1 (reading from Perec) en The Head, other 2006 event. A miscellanious listing of dozens of projects, events and writings.

Mulder, Lou M. C. crox 157 (2005): Architecture of the soul. Participates as photographer and documentator in the brainbox project (2006).

Niblock, Phill (US) crox 36, window project (1996).

Nijs, Nathalia crox 138 (2005). Window project.

Parmentier, Johan BASICS 2, crox 145-I (June 2005).

Pittoors, Tinka Prenuw. Unwanted Monument (April 2006). crox-card NR 46 is from the same series.

RE: A GROUP SHOW (September 2010). Curated by RE: Originally funded as Punctum vzw. The project combines work of thirteen artists. Its basic idea is not photographic works as such but the creation of photographic environments. Mister Van Den Eynde makes a second crox-appearance.

Renneboog, Lucie
Subsurface intern communication (while) seeking for a presentation. A or B. crox 263 (mei 2008). Photographic elements.

Robert, Jimmy (FR) A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Snopek, Alda
crox 139 (april 2005), Tunnel-Vision. crox-card NR 31 (2006), from 'Séries Noires'. TWINS, a 2006 cube project.

Soetaert, Els BASICS 2, crox 145-I (2005). A series of approx 80 photographs made in Iceland.

Somers, Dominique A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Theodorou, Tania (GR)
A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

/de twaalf werken/ (June 2010) A presentation of work by students of Sint-Lucas Gent, the so-called Meesterklas 5 (Masters 5). The presentation includes samples of photographic work.

Thomson, Edward Clydesdale (GB) A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Thornley, Patricia (US)
crox 89 (1999).

Tolchinsky, Debra (US) crox 183 (June 2006). A series of bizar portraits, most of it based on a simple polaroid.

Van Acker, Boris crox 181, June-August 2006, a window project, and KASKweek 2007.

Vanden Meersch, Els crox 165. February 2006.

Vandersleyen, Ann crox 328 (2010). Window project. A nude. The nude combines with other elements. The presentation, minimal and more or less with something casual to it, is a perfect sample of combining casuality and public value. The window project of Anne Maes, same year, has a similar viewpont.

Vande Veire, Maud crox 287. January 2009. Apart from handmade objects and a video presentation there are some samples of black & white photography from early 20th century, taken from newspapers and magazines. Project with Emmanuel Depoorter.

Van Dorpe, Stijn Window project. May 2008.

van Imhoff, Saskia Noor (NL) A Group Show curated by RE: (2010). Creates a fascinating environment based on the rectangular a4 format. The sheet of paper appears in different materials and ways, it disappears, transforms and reappears. A fascinating play with appearance, disapparreance, re-appearance and transformation.

van Leeuwen, Sjoerd (NL)
crox 367 (2011). The story of Daniël Kinet, the first aviator to reach Utröst. That's actually the title of the project, 'Daniël Kinet: the first aviator to reach utröst,' a lecture by van Leeuwen. During the lecture he sits at a small table facing the wall, the wall that once was black and pink once, that wall, reading the tragic story of Daniël Kinet from a set of sheets and confronting the public, seated in a diagonal row, not with his back but with a screen on which from time to time a photograph may be seen.

Vercaemer, Kim
KASKweek 2007. Presentation of a series of photographs in the corridor.

Verherbrugge, Jan Willem (NL) crox 113. January 2004. A project curated by Ward Denys.

Verstraete, Dries crox 300. A project curated by Stefaan Dheedene. Other artists are Niklaus Ruëgg (CH), Frederik Van Simaey and Deborah Delva. DV participates with a set of photographs.

Vincart, Caroline crox 156. November 2005. Participates as documentator in the first edition of BRAINBOX (2006).

Vinck, Kathleen A Group Show curated by RE: (2010).

Vosters, Vadim
BASICS 2, crox 145, june 2005. BRAINBOX2 unit 10, may 2009: large scale projection of photographic material.

Weber, Claudia (DE) A Group Show curated by RE: (2010). Lives and works in New York.

Westphal, Sarah (DE)
window project, crox 274. October 2008 - February 2009.

Wiels, Jan BASICS 2, crox 145. A polaroid.

Willeke, Marcus (DE) crox 357 (2011). A painter. He works from photographs. The surface of paint offers a splendid touch, rough, wild and wet and skilfull.

Wood, Reid (US) crox 175-II. Mailart project entitled Havent-Garde. The series is based on daily photography.

Zoete, Dirk crox 60 (1997): among the many drawings a few photographs may have been noticed./ crox-card NR 41: TRACTOR (2004).