Verwée, Adriaan

Member of the legendary MEMAZ quintet. Selfmade on bass clarinet, and – but rather occasionnally – soprano. Performs at crox from 1996 on. Highlight is a trio performance, with Mathias on guitar and Merlyn on drums, during the opening night of the solo projects of Marc Maet (crox 92) and Michaël Borremans (crox 93), one late night in March 1999. It’s an absolutely gorgeous, or, even more exactly, a stunning performance.
He occasionnally joins The Singing Painters.
First crox appearance, not as musician but as an artist, is the BASICS 2 event, June 2005. First crox solo some months later, September 2005: The Final Speech. After his intervention crox1 mutates in a bar and a small annex originally called Happy Room, later The Cube. 
Participates in the second edition of Basics 2 (2006).
Participates in the second edition of Brainbox (2008-2009), the final unit, together with Dirk Zoete and Evert Defrancq.
Second solo presentation in 2007: Black helicopter, mutilated cow and the counsel on foreign affairs (crox 232).
Takes part in a performance by The Singing Painters end of July 2010. The performance goes without Michaël Borremans. Merlyn (d), Laura van (vocals & keyboards) and in addition Adriaan on bass clarinet and Nan-Ping Chang on yuzhung. 

[Dutch translation available]