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"A flower is a flower." (Robin Vermeersch, Spring 2004).


Peers' white tulips.

Larry's moustache.


to love She loves redflowers, he loves yellow flowers. I love blue
flowers, Queneau's ones. Philippe loves black flowers, Dirk prefers the white
ones. Chaterine loves green flowers. Kristel strongly prefers hortensias and


The white lilacs in the garden at Aannemersstraat 54. Sunflowers at the
table in the corner between mirror and toilet.


Shadow flowers in the basement, striking and unmeant. Page 45 in
crox-book Nr. 2, in crox-book Nr. 5 Ian051.


The blue flowery dress of Delphine and the haphazardly left behind
bouquet at a chair. Delphine received the bouquet because her husband had
called a flowershop in Ghent from Chicago. Are they part of the project or not,
that's become the question.


The flowers of Carole Vanderlinden and the flowers of Kurt Duyck.

A white rose.

The grey flowers of Christophe Lezaire. /Il faut le dire: grand
coloriste wallon/


Gossipy novelettes force one to enrich them with shit and puke. That's
what they're aiming at, they only thrive in that kind of dirt.


The grey flowers are the most beautiful flowers.