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Backstage (street side) in smithereens./ Lieve D’hondt(crox 95) applies the letter F to the window of the in-between floor of Aannemersstraat 54. It's the picture of that letter F (and the synchronous panorama of the cityscape) which is printed in De Morgen./ Stefaan Dheedene whitewashes the windows of Onderstraat 26./ The installation window project: a pile-up of window panes. (installation window)/ Jens Brand (crox 36) sticks an orange dot at the window of Onderstraat 51./ Hendrik Vermeulen (crox 115) applied tape and chalk to the windows (Onderstraat 26)./ Ron Huebner (crox 111) sticks the taxt Jewels by Huebner on the glass in the door./ Sjoerd Paridaen and Hans van Heirseele (crox 133) whitewash the windows, leaving a slot for the mail art./ Talking about Kalken ['Kalken' is a village near Ghent. it also means 'to whitewash'.]: In Den Bouw has a magnificent window with a rounded upper edge and offering a view of the wide rural landscape. Whether something is wide or vast is a detail./ The panes of  Beverhoutplein 7. Having 6 window panes and 9 letters, how do you fix that? The advantage of a signboardis is that you don't need windows. And the advantage of not having windows: you can't smash them. [To smash your own windows in Dutch also means to harm your own business or reputation.]