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Copy Art project (1991-1992) - three editions. In the first edition only the work by German mail art artist Jürgen O. Olbricht truly fitted the usual practice of photocopy art; everything else was either a reproduction or an intermediary stage.  
The second edition, in the streets of Ghent from January 1992, has a number of real gems, a.o. the contributions of Franz John, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Maria Blondeel and Hungarian mail art artists Ervin Szubori, Istvan Tenke and Dardai Szusza.
Till 2003 the invitations and the posters were copied - apart from a few exception. From 2004 this happens only seldom. 
MA solo (April 2007), performance by Emilie De Vlam on top of a photocopy machine.