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homo caniens


From 'BUT let me tell you about another, even more curious adventure', text written by Hans van Heirseele for the catalogue of Michaël Borremans Zwirner 2006 exhibition: Homo caniens, or doglike man, the dog-man or man-dog, knows only one truth, his own. If there were only one truth, which is the simpliest way of reasoning, so simple that you can't even call it a way of reasoning, then everything else must be untrue. That is the most practical way of thinking, in so far as we can call it thinking, and for that very reason the most valid one. (Michaël Borremans, Horse Hunting; David Zwirner, New York 2006)

Dog, a work by Michaël Borremans from 1998 (crox-card 8). The painting shows a musician and/or a soldier in a grey-green uniform; the face of the figure is covered by a wide patch of cadmium red. The sound of war.