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Title of a performance by Jan Carlier
(crox 18 - En Passant): during the opening festivities in Backstage he throws a
metal sphere through one of the window panes.

A few months earlier (15 May 1991) the
time at Beverhoutplein came to an end. The foundation is homeless. Exit Sint-Jacobs.

the ground floor of the building at Sint-Jacobs an ethnic specialty shop,
Zahia, has found its home. The crox space was at the first floor.

May 1992: exit Signos. A negative advice
from Jan Hoet sr. This puts an end to a megalomaniac and interesting project Frank
and Hans had been working on for two years. Nevertheless, in 2001 the project has
gone through, albeit not under croxhapox’ guidance. The title had changed to Over
The Edges.

1992: exit FF. Frank leaves the board. The failure of the KNUTS
project is one too many. He leaves and concentrates on animation movies.

June 1995: exit Guido De Bruyn. Not for
long though. At the end of 1996 he joins the gang again. He is also involved in
re-starting the activities in the basement of Aannemersstraat 54, the second

September 1996: Van Bogaert (crox 51, temporary
team member) is thrown out.

January 1999: Michaël Borremans leaves
the team. He became a member of the crox-team in 1996, after his first crox-solo.
Has been a member of the board since 2006.

April 1999: Marijke Bontinck, later
working for Atelier 304, leaves the team.

1999: exit van Heirseele. He moves to Spain. From October 1999
till mid 2001, Croxhapox vzw is run by Kristel De Buck, Ward Denys and Sjoerd

June 2000: exit Marc Maet. He decides to
make an end to his life.

2000: exit croxhapox. The foundation’s activities stall. No
place, no money, no future.

Same time: exit Huize Jacobus. Herman commits

2003: after a short time as a member of
the crox-team, Bram Dujardin has had enough of it.

June 2003: exit Dirk Peers. Heart

September 2003: Walter van Boven (NL) draws
out of the project in Lucas Munichstraat. It would have been the first project
in Lucas Munichstraat.

1 March 2004: Ron Huebner (Can) dies
after have been hit by a car in Amsterdam. Crox 111 (an installation window) is his last project.

May 2004: The artistic leader proposes a
new plan: efforts will be directed more to involvement, effectivity and
attitude. The team
implodes. Ward, Raphaël and Robin leave. The new direction
is ok for Ward but he can’t find the time to keep on working in the team. Till
the end of 2004 Hans and Anja run the shop. Gerd stays aboard, though he too
can’t find much time to put in.

March 2005: Ante Timmermans is disturbed
by the water problem. Three days after the opening show of Crox 136 he quits.
Anja leaves the team.

27 January 2006: exit Dirk D'hoe, member
of the board from the end of 2003 till early 2006. He is no longer a member of
the association.

25 October 2015:
Van Ryssen dies of a nasty insect bite. His goddaughter inherits his art
collection and sells all of it to support croxhapox. All memories of VR are
whiped from the record so the bugs won’t know where to bite.