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Pseud. of mail artist Ria Bauwens. Became in a couple of years a
worldwide renowned connection and anchor person for the mail art scene. Mail
art depends on networking, a
widespread mesh of connections and correspondences.

crox 158, solo project in the crox cube
space - November 2005. Photo's.

186 - online project. Frips and Marc Coene coordinate the
project that starts in July 2006. See www.whataboutcroxhapox.blogspot.com and www.frips.be.

Joins the General Assembly at the end of
2005 and has ever since been in the crox team. Co-founder with Marc Coene of a
vast and complete archive of images. Participates in track 2 of the BRAINBOX
project; track 2 is a loose group of observers and commentators who document
the project. Apart from Frips: Marc Coene, Marc De Clercq, Lou M.C. Mulder,
Peter Bondewel, Guido De Bruyn, Johan Coveliers and others.

For Verzamelwoede (the second location
project in Oudenaarde) Frips does not contribute her own work because it mostly
resides in other mail art collections but she shows parts of her private
collection: stamp-art from Japanese artist Ryosuke Cohen and some collector's
items from Dutch mail artist Herman Kruiskamp. There are, though, items from the
correspondence with Marc Coene, Frips’ partner. They share a house and from
time to time they send mail to one another. The
result of this connection is exhibited in separate showcases.

Most important – if not the only -
theoretician of Jarism, a rudimentary and semi-scientific typology separating
the world into two realms: the jarish and the non-jarish.

Quites the General Assembly in 2010.