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Maet, Marc


crox 70, Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (1997).

crox 92 (March 1999) - drawings.

crox 104, The first 10 (retrospective June-July 2000).

Edith Doove (De Standaard, 10 maart 1999) The drawings of Marc Maet too have an intensive effect. Purposefully hung high on the walls, they actually force one's attention. It's a bizarre series of nice pictorial quotes and ideas, refering to artists like Picabia, Zurbaran, Beuys, Araki, but also Magritte. Maet regularly assumes the role of the painting critic of the Belgian art scene.  

The point of absolute freedom and not giving a damn for conventions... Beautiful! (A note from Marc Maet in the visitor's book, April 1999)