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Maris, Bart

crox 43, 1996 (Thomas Broadbent): duo of Bart Maris (trumpet) and Filip Wauters (guitar).
crox 51, 1996 (Open Doors), this time the complete Kamikaze Quartet.
crox 70, 1997: duo Bart Maris & Filip Wauters.

February 2006. Bart Maris solo at the opening of the project by Nicolas Leus
January 2007: Five Collaborations, a project by Alan Smith. One of the collaborations is between Alan Smith and Bart Maris: a sound
installation using a dozen tape recorders. Starting from the loops Smith
manufactures a series of drawings determining the position of the tape

January 29th, 2011. Trio with Peter Jacquemyn (bass) and Merlyn Pardaen (drum).