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VZW Barbabelge is a Ghent initiative with a.o. Wouter Cox, Jozef Van Akoleyen and Peter De Duffeleer. Before the official opening, end 1994, there is a meeting in the garden atelier of Aannemersstraat 54. Barbabelge takes the street projects of Croxhapox as a model and creates a furore with a series of widely acclaimed street- and neighbourhood projects. There are Jardins d'Artistes in 1995, the Twon Hall-project in 1996 and De Zwaluwen Komen [The swallows are coming] in 1997. Though Barbabelge and Croxhapox are closely realted, a collaboration never materilises, even is there is some talk about it after Open Doors (1996). Both initiatives make sure Ghent experiences an unwitnessed hausse of alternative and concentrated exhibitions in the mid nineties: Croxhapox develops an idiosyncratis and supriseful exhibition policy, Barbabelge stage socio-cultural interventions which are the talk of the town and get a lot of attention in the media. 

End of the nineties, the initiative is broken up.