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Van Ryssen, Stefaan

In 2008 Stefaan Van Ryssen and Luc Derycke join the crox board. Stefaan makes himself known almost immediately as permanent collaborator and owes his reknown in crox at first mainly to his activity as Talkative Barman. From 2009 he is responsible for managerial coordination of the activities, resulting in Autumn 2009 in a coordinating group with a.o. Frips and Marc Coene. In 2010 the board is somewhat reorganised and Stefaan Van Ryssen becomes chairman, following, in the chronology of chairpersonalities after Hans van Heirseele (1990-1999, 2001-2005), Kristel De Buck (2000), Sjoerd Paridaen (2006-2007, 2008-2010) and Frank Van den Eeckhout (Autumn 2007), chairperson number 5. Set the translation of the crox-encyclopedia into English as a goal for himself, a humongous task he sets to at the end of 2009. Halfway through 2010 the first bite of translations goes online.