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Westphal, Sarah (D)

crox 185-I (June-July 2006). Title: The Breast Oracle. The project of Sarah Westphal, in the cube, at the same time as projects by CarianaCarianne, Debra Tolchinsky, Dianna Frid, Jamez Dabramski Dean, Mario De Brabandere (media space) and Boris Van Acker (installation window)./ Videofilm.

KASKweek 2007. Presentations in the large space in the front and at a location in the Ham where she occupies a complete mansion, from cellar to attic.

crox 274 (October 2008-February 2009). Installation window, location Onderstraat 26. The first installation which deviates from the planning followed since Autumn 2003 in which, apart from a few exceptions, a new work is created each month. Sarah takes the location itself as a starting point.  She takes a picture of the chimney in a room at the ground floor and mirrors the image, a technique also used by Samir Boudia. The work is in line with her graduation project of the previous year at Kask, Multimediale Vormgeving.

Temporary City Berlin (May-June 2009), a co-production with Flachland Kunstverein from Berlin, Lokaal 01 (Breda) and Croxhapox featuring a.o. the entire brainbox trio unit 1: Stijn Van Dorpe, Nicolas Leus and Anton Cotteleer. Sarah joins the project through croxhapox.