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Vandekerkhove, Karien

crox 51, Open Deuren - 1996.

crox 85, solo project - November 1998.

Publication croxcard NR 13 - Liquids 42.

crox 104, The first 10 - Summer 2000.

crox 145, BASICS 2 - june 2005.

crox 155, solo project - November 2005.

crox 145-II, sequel BASICS 2 - April 2006.


Location during Open Deuren (1996) is Aannemersstraat 179 where she contributes an in situ work in the garden shed. At the same place, in the corridor close to the front door, there is also a work by Dirk Peers.  

The first solo project (Schimmen in het festival van paradoxen, 1998 [Wraiths in the festival of paradoxes]) is split and shown on both floors. In the basement there is a semi-modular sculpture made out of hundreds and hundreds of shoe boxes. At the top floor there is a number of drawings from the Liquids series. During the project the floor of the greenishly lit upper floor is scrubbed daily with Dettol.  

Wraiths in the festival of paradoxes [Schimmen in het festival van de paradoxen] was a multi-storied installation which turned the gallery space into a 'contaminated body' . The upper level consisted of 10 selected drawings transferred onto transparent light-sensitive paper ( 91 x 127 cm) and then exposed by green fluorescent neon light. Each day before viewing, the space was cleaned with a liquid which left an odor of clinical disinfection. The bottom floor was reconstructed into a small labyrinth build with 807 empty cardboard boxes (walls of boxed light) which were illuminated by the green light from the upper level. The green light spilled through cut-outs from the ceiling.

(text by KV from a conversation with CariannaCarianne)

The contribution to the first edition of BASICS 2 is an intro to her second solo project in 2005. She shows 'ovtOB#6', the module which is the foundation of the OVT-series. [OVT stands, a.o. for Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd, or simple past tense]

Concerning the second solo project she writes: a series of site specific installations that seem to capture an experience at the very border between 2d and 3d producing a sense of vibrating emptiness. The viewing space becomes a non-place, a lonely spot from where time and place start to merge into a unit of complete continuity.

She also participates in the sequel to BASICS 2 (April 2006, Oudenaarde) where she shows an architectural object made of soap. 

Crox-collaborator from April 2006. Till the start of 2007 she takes care of updating and editing of this crox-encyclopedia.