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20 October, 15:41 > 15:46 /day 50/

white square = floor
7 paces
plaster /KNAUF goldband/ sacks of 25 kilograms

itonsculpture greased with clay
three sided
which means the backside isn't greased with clay

inside intact
nature has no inside /Fernando Pessoa/
clay in big chunks 
mjam mjam

the broken black table is 
/a/ broken
/b/ lost
/c/ intact

Two floodlights illuminate the space.
White hot bright light. Big Brother: being watchedn. The glass cage. Homunculus, ape, golem.

The actions of the golem: apply thin layers of plaster on a bottom surface of 7 paces square.

Day 4. Backache.

Friday 20 October, 16:25 > 16:30 /day 50/

some ascertained facts

/1/ Half a bag of plaster left over.  
(homunculus in an instant technically jobless )

/2/ Spots of white paint testify to where Nicolas' work was at the wall.
/3/ Lines of chalk show the setup of unit 3.