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Alter ego of Jan Wiels and Vincent De Roder. crox 194 (Nov-Dec 2006), first crox solo for Wiels, and first crox solo for de Roder, and first WELD project tout court.
In Dutch ‘to weld’ translates as 'lassen': ‘to join two pieces of metal together permanently by melting the parts that touch’ (Cambridge p.1651). In the first edition of Collins Cobuild (p.1654) it reads: ‘1 If you weld two pieces of metal together, you join them, usually by heating the edges and fixing them so that they cool and harden solidly together’.  Cambridge as well as Collins Cobuild also mention: ‘to make separate people into a group who can work together succesfully’ (Cambridge), ‘if you weld people into a group, you join them together to form a united organization’ (Collins Cobuild).

Both artists appeared in several crox project seperately. Vincent De Roder participated in >Open Deuren (1996) at a location in Aannemersstraat; he then showed a series of quasi abstract marines. In 1998 he participated in crox 82, a mail art project. In 1999 crox-card NR 18.  First crox-project by Jan Wiels is the first edition of Basics 2 in 2005. In 2006: installation window. Both participate in the sequel to Basics 2 (April 2006).