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Crozier, Robin (GB)

Verzamelwoede - April 2007 (Abbey Maagdedale, Oudenaarde).
Drawings and clippings from the private collection of Sjoerd Paridaen. At the 50m long table in the upper gallery of the abbey are mail art pieces from the collection of Frips - works by Ryosuke Cohen (Jap) and Herman Kruiskamp (Nl) - and, next to contribution by pupils of the art school [Tekenademie], a large part of the correspondence between Sjoerd Paridaen and Hans van Heirseele.
The work by British mail artist Robin Crozier, collected by Sjoerd in a bag endorned by mail art patterns, contains hundreds of scribbles and clippings, urgent, playful, naive, and remarkably unpresumptuous and simple.