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what about croxhapox? crox 186, a mail art call. Concept and coordination: Frips and Marc Coene. >mail art call

Copy Art project, first edition - 1991. Sjoerd Paridaen opens the series and introduces German mail artist Jurgen O. Olbrich. The second edition of the Copy Art project (1992) sh o.a. Olbrichows works by a.o., Michael Winkler, Maria Blondeel, Wolfgang Hainke, Peter Krabbe, and Hungarian artists Dardai Szusza, Istvan Tenke and Ervin Szubori.

Guy Bleus and Johan Van Geluwe participate in En Passant (1991). Guy Bleus faxes a number of works for the >KNUTS project in 1992, a project which never materialises because of a dearth of contributions.  

Op 31 december 1996 the mail art correspondence between Sjoerd Paridaen andHans van Heirseele takes off, a collection presented two times in the crox-programme at the end of the nineties, once in 1998 (crox 81, installation window Aannemersstraat 54), next during the 'first 10', the group exhibition which signals the departure from the location of Aannemersstraat: this time, Sjoerd opts for a slide projection of 80 mail art specimen from the collaboration with Hans (work shown previously in The Front in Arnhem, Autumn 1998).

In Februari 2000 van Heirseele shows a mail art project in Cafe con Libros (Màlaga/Esp), a project reviewed by a journalist of the local newspaper El Sur.

Johan De Wilde (crox 98, juni 1999). the solo by Johan De Wilde combines drawings, photos and an indirect correspondence project. The correspondence address is the proper local address of JDW but unknown abroad (e.g. Johan De Wilde, Limburgstraat 32, Helsinki, Finland). The sender (in indirect correspondence this is customarily the addressee) is the address of croxhapox.

crox 132 (February 2005), installation window by Sjoerd Paridaen and Hans van Heirseele. Slide projection of a number of recent mail arts. The collection of the artist duo has grown to approximately 4000 pieces. >www.shcorr.be (operational since November 2006)

2005, a quick visit to croxhapox from the Walloon mail artist Pig Dada .

In 2006 a number of small mail art projects are shown in the media space: Collectie 1 (initiative of Sjoerd, this time also with work from the correspondence with Wouter Feyaerts and South African artist Veronica Gabriëlse), and a project directed by Frips and Marc Coene with works of American mail artist Reid Wood.