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1 Sjoerd Paridaen, Paraplastique hystérique (crox 13). Each room of the first floor of Beverhoutplein 7 has a different colour: red, yellow, bleu.

2 Aannemersstraat 54: the crox-team (Hans, Kristel) optst for a set of neon lamps, what they had seen at Baronian in Brussels. In the crox space at Lucas Munichstraat there also is a parallel circuit of neon lamps. The advantage is to have less false shadows.

3 Karien Vandekerkhove (crox 85). The basement is flooded in green neon light. 

4 Hendrik Vermeulen (crox 116). Yellow neon lamps colour the installation window.

5 The neon sculptures of Joris Van der Borght (crox 131). Designs an impressive neon object for BRAINBOX which meanwhile is an permananet part of the display in the hallway of crox.