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pink in the paintings by Carole Vanderlinden (crox 128). It's a mixed colour, a greyish pink. (grey)
The pink fingers of Annelies Slabbynck, hundreds of them.
The pink sphere put in the crox space by Karien Vandekerkhove in a mix of 3d and 2d  (crox 155).

The pink nets Wouter Feyaerts recycles and uses als sensory organs. (crox 163).

'Waadruim : legenda' (croxbook NR 7) by Nicolas Leus: P pink plastic (heigth 80cm) - 4 mascara (pinkish red) - 4 slabs painted over in pink (originally salmon) - 9 layerdness (pinkish)- 10 aquamarine (green, blue, yellow, colourless, pink) (transparant to translucent) - 11 batroom cupboard with mirrors and inside lamp (reflection of an off-pink curtain in the wind).