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Smith, Alan

Works and lives in Ghent since the early nineties.

First intervention icw American artist Michael Buckland, October 2005, media space. Michael Buckland names his contribution 'Dirty Happy Room'. Alan Smith presents smallish works he did with his daughter Suzan and he adds a work by Jan Dheedene.

A few months later an almost identical collaboration is presented: Mario De Brabandere and Alan Smith reconstruct a work by the Canadian artist Adrian Robert X (Alan Smith's father) in the media space. It is a wall collage which originates in the seventies and which was finalised, or rather came to an end, in 1984 by making a picture of it. All elements of the collage ended up in a cardboard box.

Smith participates in the sequel to BASICS 2 (Abbey Maagdendale, Oudenaarde). Early 2007 the project FIVE COLLABORATIONS follows, a collaboration between Mario De Brabandere, Bart Maris, Rik Soenen and The 1000 Smiths, completed by the presentation of the The 9/11 Lego Party.

Crox-card 82. Winkelstraat [Shopping street. 2007.