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Delva, Deborah

crox 196, January 2007. Installation window, location: Onderstraat 26. Covers the window panes with buttermilk. Every small vertical strip is clear glass. At the top and at the bottom there are hardly noticeable sideways shifts resulting, for the careful viewer, in an impression of open windows.

crox 300, April-May 2009. A group project, coordinated by Stefaan Dheedene, with works from Niklaus Ruëgg (CH), Frederik Van Simaey, Dries Verstraete, Stefaan Dheedene and Deborah Delva.
Two brilliant objects by Deborah Delva. Is less more? Simple interventions. On one of the walls she projects a slide of which only a tiny fragment remains visible. Right across, there is a video projection: a ball bouncing time and again against a wall. Only one fragment of the course and the traject of the bouncing is shown.