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2008. POTTED PALM, een van de karakters in The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, de theater- en performanceproductie van Brian Getnick en Noe Kidder. ---> gentlemen ---> kandelaar
Fragment from The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, crox-boek Nr 9, blz. 22-23:

POTTED PALM is now fully grown and
CHANDELIER spins in the air.
They are puppets.
A recording of their voices plays as they are manipulated through their limbs. The ACTRESS cannot hear them exactly but their thoughts are somehow connected with her own about herself. She looks down at her attire, she looks as if into a mirror, she wonders about her own physique.

CHANDELIER: This new one is no different than any other young hopeful. She's not pretty, not witty, not a musician, nothing mesmerizing about the way she moves, her clothes are unremarkable yet dissappointingly meticulous. (...)
POTTED PALM: But she carries herself with dignity! See how strong her calves are? (...)

and one and a half a page further on

POTTED PALM: But what saved her was a will to live. She grew iron stamina. She swallowed whatever clichéd story or idea like a life saving medicine. (...)

2009. crox 277-10. Brainbox, tweede editie, unit 10. Is Vadim Vosters, Marie Zolamian en Lucie Renneboog. Vadim brengt onder andere een palmboom in. Het boompje komt van het domein van Geert Verbeke.
crox 314. Zennestraat 17 Rue Zenne (2). Een van de presentaties is een videofilm van Thomas Bogaert. Twee beeldfragmenten, een ervan is een opname die hij aan de Côte Azur gemaakt had.