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Zaleski, Pierre-Michel (PO)

2011, 2 June.
4 June. RHYTHM SECTION ON TOUR. Concert: Peter Jacquemyn (bass, vocals), Tatsuya Nakatani (JP/drums, percussion), Maja Jantar (PO/vocals) and Pierre-Michel Zaleski (PO/vocals). And film: it directs the concert. Svend Thomsen and Marc Coene are taking care of video-recordings. Thomsen's recording is obviously for the TVF archive. Ubiquitair: Thomsen registers, as far as possible, everything in the way of dance and performance. Experimental music too. Zaleski specializes in the registration of free jazz and experimental music. He met Laura van for the first time during a concert of Evan Parker in L'Archiduc in Brussels.
7 Juli. LE LAB NR 3, a project by Lazara Rosell Albear. Pierre-Michel Zaleski is announced but doesn't actually participate.