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Lawrence of Arabia

Negotiated Terrain, 'Borders', crox-book nr 3, CarianaCarianne, pp. 73-75. Trevor Martin, author of the fifth and last part of crox-book Nr 3, discusses the film by David Lean:

'I am watching "Lawrence of Arabia" and the film begins with Lawrence's death. The narrative that follows is a recollection of his expeditions into the Arabian desert - a memory. The film itself is a cinematic construction, a representation of the memory - a memory of Lawrence dressed in flowing white robes, performing the impossible as he leads a colonial army across the desert to reach the sea. I think of his army, the regimented bodies of soldiers and the colonization of nations of bodies that the film celebrates. In watching, I register my own sense of contradiction as I criticize the history of colonialism but simultaneously appreciate the filmic beauty of the work and its extravagant cinematography: representation, memory, land and sea. I also think of CarianaCarianne's liberated voices and their artistic process that proclaims and celebrates their collective entity while seeking to de-colonize their own body and rewrite the social inscriptions they encounter.'

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