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Bashi, Tatsurou (JP)

alias Tazro Niscino

1999, February. Speech at the opening of crox 91, a presentation by Heike Kati Barath.
2003. van succeeds in tracing TB. He contacts him and proposes to do a project in Gent. A letter of Tatsurou's arrives, 3 handwritten pages covered with project proposals. 
2004, December. They meet in Cologne, in the Artothek. The new plan is to use the Ghent Belfry as a location and to build a room around the dragon on top of the Belfry. Ninety meters high. He has been undertaking this kind of madness before. The plan is softly layed to rest. 
2005. S.M.A.K. produces a project by Tatsurou Bashi. Location is the Christ statue at Sint-Annaplein. Tatsurou has alternative proposals for a smaller crox-project and possibly also for a presentation in croxhapox. One of the proposals he advances is a kebab lightning rod. After some logistical research - and the realisation that TB doesn't even know how to build a kebab lightning rod, we gradually saw that we would have to do all the work ourselves - the project is softly layed to rest.