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Huyghe, Thomas

1997 crox 70, Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch.
1998 crox 81, Mail Art Locals. Installation window, Aannemersstraat 54. Samples from the mail art correspondence with van. SHcor is the main part of the continuously changing presentation. Also pieces by Vincent de Roder, Michaël Borremans, Dianna Frid, Kristel De Buck and Philippe Vandenberg.
crox 86. Paintings.
crox-card 5: zonder titel (zelfportret) [untitled (self-portrait)] 1998
crox-card 6: zonder titel (hoofd)  [untitled (head)] 1998 >crox 86

2000 crox 104. Retrospective group show. Last project at Aannemersstraat 54.
2005 crox 145 Basics 2.
2006 crox 145 sequel in Abdij Maagdedale, Oudenaarde. a presentation with photos and clippings at the outer side of the racks.