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Matsumoto, Yoshimasa (JP)

2005. crox 145 Basics2.
2006. crox 145 sequel.
2009. crox 321. INVOLVED. Solo project with paintings and sculptures.

crox-box Friday 27 November 2009

Half past eight. Yoshimasa pops in. He has four works with him. One is a
statue of Infant Margarita, she's naked, with a broken arm. First
made it in clay, explains Yoshi, after that made a sillicon, after the
sillicon a plaster mould. The final product is finished in some sort of
acrylic paste. Two, the other statue, is a small male head with both
oriental and Greek features. Three and four are paintings of his youngest son. The images are based on Velazquez
but far from a copy of the original, everything in it - size,
disposition, color - is completely different.

(...) la infanta

She was meant to marry at the age of 14.
At the age of 14 she married a German king.
She was send to Genua, Yoshimasa told so,
travelled across the Alpes to visit her fiancé.
Later she was send to Italy twice
for a haircut. She eventually married the German king,
had four children and died at the age of 27.

[original partly in Dutch, partly in English]