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Hofman, Katrien

2003. crox 106, TANTE WIEZE. Installation window at Onderstraat 26. The preparations for the restart of crox-activities, after a break from Summer 2000 till the end of 2002 when there were no projects, only some board meetings, start during Spring 2003. Before the first project in the factory building in Lucas Munichstraat, a solo from Frans Gentils, we have two projects at Onderstraat 26: an installation window by Eva-Maria Bogaert (September) and one by Katrien Hofman (October). Katrien Hofman had only just finished her studies at KASK, in the 3D option.

After Katrien Hofman's project comes Stefaan Dheedene with Ambassade van de Predemocratische Republiek.
Hofman presents her final year's project, which she could have shown at Vooruit, at a venue which entirely fits the meaning and content of her work.