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February 1990: Nothing notable.
February 1991: Sjoerd Paridaen, Paraplastique hystérique (crox 13).
February 1992: Copy Art project 2 & 3 (crox 17).
February 1993/1994: nothing.
February 1995: Chidren's drawings (crox 25).
February 1996: Hugo De Smaele (crox 38). Michael Vorfeld (installation window, crox 39).
February 1997: Suzan Batu (crox 59).
February 1998: Kamagurka (crox 72). Concert: The Singing Painters (trio).
February 1999: Luc Dondeyne (crox 90). Heike Kati Barath (crox 91). Concert: Juan Carlos de Madrid (flamenco).
February 2000: Jan De Cock - Dirk Zoete - Anton Cotteleer. Carte Blanche to Croxhapox, CC Strombeek-Bever (crox 101). Lucia Penninckx (crox 102).
February 2001/2002/2003: nothing.
February 2004: Jan Willem Verherbrugge (crox 113). Nicoline Van Stapele (
installation window, crox 114). Hendrik Vermeulen (installation window, crox 115).
February 2005
installation window by Sjoerd Paridaen & Hans van Heirseele. Slide projection of the mail art collection. Project by Romanian artist Florin Buta. Philippe Vandenberg acts as a consultant to the Buta-project. Alda Snopek and Els Soetaert use the other room, where they are preparing their April project. 
February 2006:
installation window by Dr. Al.If: BAF (Belgian Art Foundation), Nothing much to tell. Final stage of the project by ARMEE LEGER. Projects by Els Vanden Meersch, Nicolas Leus and Patrick Baele. Performance by Bart Maris. Publication of Wrapped, a work by Els Vanden Meersch.

During the general assembly 10 February a new board is being installed: Sjoerd Paridaen, Pierre de Gelder, Joris Vander Borght, Michaël Borremans, Frank Van den Eeckhout and Astrid David. Hans van Heirseele leaves the board and becomes a full-time employee, function: general manager. Board and management definitively part with the Kunstberg-project in Abrahamstraat. Pierre joins the team in his capacity as communication researcher (mailing, press, website, publications commity), Johan De Wilde joins the publications commity.

February 2007: Final stage of the Five Collaborations project and a gig by Bart Maris. Opening event of the projects by Wouter Decorte and Marc Coene. Publication of LAN, crox-book NR 6, Marc Coene.

February 2008: Last weeks of the projects by Thomas Bogaert (MONITOR, crox 241), Sarah Dhont & Jelle Clarisse (crox 242, a work in situ in the room at the back) and German artist Britta Bogers (crox 243). In the cube a project by Frank Bassleer (crox 244). At the Onderstraat venue, an installation window by Steven Baelen (crox 245). During the second half of February a double bill by Els Soetaert and Ilse Roman.

February 2009: At the installation window venue, till the end of February, a project by Sarah Westphal (DE). The project by Maud Vande Veire and Emmanuel Depoorter is on till 1 February, coinciding with the fifth intervention in the second edition of BRAINBOX. Pancake baking on 1 February (sic). Brainbox2 unit 6 /Michel Couturier, Grégory Decock and Yannick Franck/ filming at several locations in Ghent and Sint-Martens-Latem. In de second edition of BRAINBOX a striking evolution takes place: each intervention radically deletes the previous one. 8 February is opening night with projects by Haritz Guisasola Izeta (ES), Nel Aerts and Mil Ceulemans. Nel Aerts' project is the second part of a triptych in the cube room. On 11 February there is a concert by Australian sound artist Robert Curgenven. On 7 February Merlyn Paridaen, Krsytof Rosseeuw and Zeger Vandenbussche gave a concert in crox. At the end of February comes BRAINBOX unit 7: Stefaan Dheedene and Steffe Van Cauter. Daniëlle van Zuijlen is in Australia and transmits images. Another concert of Merlyn Paridaen & friends on 28 February.