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Gombeer, Wim

1991, En Passant 25 installation windows (crox 18). Location 13: Oudburg 7. It used to be a clothing shop.
In the catalogue, at the left side page, an image in two layers. The lower layer has a picture in extremely greyish colours, it is not quite clear if this is a picture of Gombeer. The upper layer bears a logo - the silhouette of a seahorse in laurels, at the bottom there is a series of 14 logograms, and in between, in straight black, a quote from Bertold Brecht from his days is Finland.

Geehrtes Publikum, der Kampf ist hart
Doch lichtet sich bereits gegenwart.
Nur ist nicht übern Berg, wer noch nicht lacht
Drum haben wir ein komisches Spiel gemacht.

Wim Gombeer's presentation is on the programme a few months before the far right Flemish nationalistic legions had their first electory victory in November, resulting in crox 19.