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Time times Time equals

Time x Time = time.

The meal, title of crox
23, the first solo project of Dirk Peers (1994).

Performance by the
chairman of the crox board during opening night of the second solo project of
Dirk Peers (March 1996): he devours the contents of the musselpan of
Broodthaers and recites simultaneously a one for one syllabic translation of
the third sonnet by William Shakespeare: 'Look in mijn glas en tel de drollen
die ge ziet.' [‘look into my glass and count the turds that you see.’ Orig.:
Look in thy glass, and tell the face thou viewest]

During Pasa pasa esta es
tu casa (crox 103, April 2000) Marta Vera, Lucia Saura and Sonia Almeida serve,
apart from a number of paintings, also a Spanish mega-omelette.

In 2004 and 2006 the
collaborators of croxhapox had a dinner party. Location is lunchbar De Lieve.

During the opening night
of crox 131 (a solo project by J. Van der Borght) the artist serves a mad
cowishly delicious tomato soup.  Serves him well, it’s a bitterly
cold Winter day in early January. The following year we have leek soup when the
Armee Leger project opens.

From 2006 on, the infamous
crox-monsieur is on offer in the crox-cafetaria. The most tasty variant is the crox-salami,
a croque with cheese, slices of tomato and salami plus the inevitable lick of
Tierentyn mustard.


 [1] 'Maaltijd' = 'Meal' but also 'meal time'. 'Maal' = 'meal' but also 'times' as in math. 'Maaltijd' moreover = 'time to mill'.

So "Tijd x Tijd = tijd" in Dutch reads "Tijd maal Tijd is tijd."