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Bleijenberg, Evelyne (NL)

2011. crox 356. WARMING. Rudy Lycke & Evelyne Bleijenberg. Performance. 5 till 12 March.
Improvisation based on a weeks-long collaboration. Laundry, sound installation.
At times it turns into feirce activity. Agression, assault, mysterious violence.
Evelyne wrapped in foil. Water and later on both performers coming to a halt. Embracements. Not at all premeditated, they admit later on.

'Apart from the fact that some of the ladies from Axel had been at a birthday party till very late at might, they had no trouble defeating Nieuw
Borgvliet. After the first time, Axel already scored 3-0 and in the second half they scored four more goals. Final result 7 - 0. Goals by Alicia Huisman (3x), Debby Bakker (2x), Linda van
Meurs and Kimberly Boddaert (both 1x). Now, Axel is firmly in the lead of the 5th class ladies' sunday soccer competition. It seems they will be champions this season.
Debby Bakker walks over the entire defence of Nieuw Borgvliet and scores seconds later.' (ZMG*, 14 March 2011)
Evelyne, mid center for Dames Axel, hasn't been scoring for the aforementioned match. The evening before, there had been the performance with Rudy and later on, she had joined the party.

Two pictures: 'Eveline Bleijenbergh agilely avoids the defence of Nieuw Borgvliet' and 'Panic in front of the goal of Nieuw Borgvliet, Eveline Bleijenbergh only justs can't score with the head.'
(op. cit.)

crox 363. MANIFOLD. Concept, text and director: Sandrine Verstraete. 23 and 24 April 2011. Evelyne Bleijenberg is one of the actors. 
One of her legs is taped in. She has been damaged shortly after the match against Nieuw Borgvliet.


*ZMG is a local newpaper from Zeeland, the most southern province of the Netharlands, just north of Ghent.