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Blondeel, Maria (B)

1992 crox 17-2, Copy art project. A blueprint with the shadowy silhouettes of toy soldiers. Years later, a diptych by Bob van de Putte varies on the same theme. 
1995 GG(Onder). crox 30, installation window. Location Onderstraat 51.
EI-house, at that time managed by Maria Blondeel, and croxhapox are developing a flyercontemporary art in Ghent, the predecessor of the Ghent city map for visual arts. The flyer has been published twice, Fall 1995 and Spring 1996.
1996 G(211296)24h. crox 57. 21 December 1996. Computerised light and sound installation with blueprints, from 0am till 12pm.
1997 Coördinates the Schrattenberg project, a collaboration of the EI-house and croxhapox. Two installation windows, both conceived as diptychs: Uli Vonbank-Schedler + Lisi Breuss (AT) and Slaven Tolj (HR) + Apsolutno.
2009 crox-card 79. A picture by Maria Blondeel of G(211296)24h: Sonic and light interactive installation with block pulses, blueprints, projections and sunlight. To complete things, the exact time when the picture was taken isn't shown. The image itself suggests whether it was taken after dusk or before sunrise. And how the wholeness of the installation is completed by the absence of that one specific detail.