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Libens, Daniël (B)

1990. crox 11. Cahiers panoramiques. Panoramic photos. One of the few projects from the first edition of croxhapox of which we have a filmic or photographic document. In the timetable, item crox 11, there are three panoramic photos showing a fairly good image of what the crox space was at that time. Daniël himself took the pictures. 
The first photo shows the back wall of the two rooms in the front. The room doesn't overlook the street but rather a small court. A dog is barking. Someone has to. In the next room, behind the chimney with its decorative panel, someone was playing the guitar. The massive window pane is a remnant of Almost 10 years Cowboy Henk. Seele already imagined that his work was so valuable that it ought not to be damaged or stolen. 
The second photo shows the room at the back. Had been a kitchen once. There was no money for extra paint or plaster, so we kept it as it was. For crox 16, a few months later, we turned it into the inside of a black cube. 
The third photo shows the space in the front. Here was Michaëls drawing table. Three windows overlook the square.
Daniël Libens' project was something I remember as the first confrontation with something I had no idea about whatsoever. It was the first step into a new space.