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Kinet, Daniël (B)

--> van Leeuwen, Sjoerd

Daniël Kinet is the first aviator who died on Belgian soil. At the site of Hangar Flying it says: 'The first Belgian victim was Daniël Kinet, he crashed in Ghent on 10 July 1910. He happened to be the twelfth victim in the short history of aviation.'

Kinet crashed, from a height of 50 meters, in a field close to the harbour - potatoes or wheat, we will never know what was grown in the field. That, and everything that went before, is presented by Sjoerd van Leeuwen during his performance on Saturday 30 April 2011. A careful presentation, with van Leeuwen sitting with his back to the audience, speaking English with a heavy Dutch accent. He is smoking a pipe, reinforcing the impression he is a scion of colonel Blake, and there is a slide projection, not of the unfortunate landing of Kinet, but of waste lands with offal and rubbish.