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Nollet, Lien (B)

2008. crox 283. Photos. Project coinciding with presentations by Sander Buyck and Adam Geczy (AU).

crox-box 26 November 2008

'A parking lot for the dead' her father said about the photo made in the South of France. The impression being tht it could as well have been a parking lot was emphasised by the frontal position of the camera. There is no environment, only a grey wall and traces of vandalism which are actually decorations. In that region, the visitor confirms, it is a habit to adorn the graves with beads. To the upper right, the word SOUVENIR. A NOTRE
The red door is from a village in the South of Spain, the grey wall in Genua close to the Mediterranean. Jumping off the wall, you would end up in the sea. Another picture is taken from the room where Emanuele lived, in Lecco, and the self-portrait was taken after a horrible day in the mountains. First, there was a path, a mountain path, than suddenly loose stones. She slid away, having nothing to hold on to.