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waadruim : legenda

Nicolas Leus, WAADRUIM : LEGENDA, crox-book Nr 7 (2007). 90pp.1

1 et cetera - descriptive utterance (rather euphonic) - sitting pit - buxus (to be worked on) - paper base (many-layered) (damaged) - covered waiting room with a veiw (nocturne op. 33 n° 1 by Ravel) - intervention limiting space - undergrowth / shrubbery / summer flower - mole heap - unicity (to contemplate) - underside (midnight blue) - shadow of a table with white and green stripes - echo pit  - disgust (floating) (hedonistic)
/all references to places are marked '1'/

A turn of phrase (bittersweet) - rather less - point of saturation (floating) - interstices with midday mist - recording of the 'sonatas and interludes for prepared piano'  by John Cage - at the point of vanishing - ramp (functioning in both directions)
/all references to places are marked with the letter 'A'/


1'WAADRUIMTE' is a neologism that literally translates as 'space to wade through'. It is also sound very similar to 'laadruimte' i.e. the hold of a ship.