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Lodewijks, Bart (NL)

2009. crox 277-9. Brainbox, second edition, unit 9. With Thomas Bogaert and Kelly Schacht. One of the highlights of the project.
crox 299-2, Zennestraat 17, Brussel. Presentation together with Stijn Van Dorpe, Thomas Bogaert, Nicolas Leus and Dirk Zoete.

In 2003 Bart Lodewijks and Daniëlle van Zuijlen put up an experimental art space in Hoorn, North of Amsterdam. They come and live in Ghent in 2008. Bart Lodewijks is invited to do a street project by S.M.A.K. and chooses Moscou, a neighbourhood in Ledeberg. In 2010 he has a project in Rio de Janeiro.
Publications HM in the crox archive:
Hotel Mariakapel. Book Hotel Maria 2006-2003. Hoorn 2006
Hotel Mariakapel. Book Hotel Maria 2008-2006. Hoorn 2008
Hotel Mariakapel. Trading Places. Back + Forth. Hoorn 2007