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Mr. Probe

Mr. Probe says Hello.A musical performance with lots of attention for space, motion and electronics.
Mr. Probe is Marieke Berendsen (NL) on violin and Bruno Nelissen (NL) on e-guitar. Dated 17 October 2009.
Berendsen and Nelissen present a chock-full programme of works by Frank Crijns, Nico Sall, Merijn Bisschops, David Helbich, Bruno Nelissen and Simon Steen-Andersen.

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Van Ryssen about the concert on Saturday night: 'You've missed something, I'm sorry to say. Brilliant concert. Contempory classical, with at least three really interesting and original pieces. Some of the composers were there. Moreover: some thirty visitor half of whom had never been in crox before. As far as I'm concerned this is something which can happen more often. Managed the whole thing together with Mirk and had a very agreeable and easy-going collab with Bruno and Marieke.' And he adds: 'I do hope you too had a nice evening there in France.'