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Finlay, Ian Hamilton (GB)

Signos de Admiracion. The name of Ian Hamilton Finlay comes up in a handwritten letter from Guido De Bruyn, 10 February 1992. Guido puts forward a proposition, ASFALT, 'a litteral 'street'-project, to be realised in two stages', and adds in a post scriptum three more names for the Signos-project: Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ettore Spalletti and Raimond Kummer. He had seen work by Kummer in Galerie Six Friedrich. Contact with Finlay runs through two galleries, one in Londen and one in Edinburgh.
A similar situation as with Tony Cragg: as soon as the galleries were involved, we didn't get a step forward.  
We can trace the address of Ian Hamilton Finlay, in Lenarkshire. It doesn't get better than that.