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Larson, Nate (US)

2007. crox 205, New American Story Art, een project van Larry Walczak (Brooklyn, New York). 'NATE LARSON who lives near Chicago in the midwest United States', zo staat het in het projectvoorstel uit 2005, 'creates photo-fictions derived from personal experience but with a twist. Larson's work most resembles that of the 70's conceptualists with its rather clinical black & white photography accompanied by text. However, in his sequential photographic prints he often alludes to other powers that are logically unexplainable. His work can be humerous and yet perplexing in its narration of common events. Larson uses himself in his photos and always wears a white shirt & tie as if to give himself some kind of scientific credibility.'

sample one /Larson, in een wit hemd met korte mouwen, de donkere stropdas toont een patroon van diagonale strepen (hij heeft ook altijd een brilletje op, eentje met ovalen brillenglazen), heeft zichzelf frontaal geportretteerd tegen een egaal zwarte achtergrond en luistert aandachtig naar wat in de headphone te horen is/
In 1959, the opera singer Friedrich Jorgenson recorded bird noises in the Sweedish(1) countryside. He heard no voices during recording, but discovered a range of voices with varying degrees of clarity on the tape during playback. The voices revealed personal information to him, plus instructions on recording more voices.
I began to make recordings of birds outside my apartment in Columbus, Ohio.

sample two
After reading about a psychokinesis experiment at the University of California at Los Angeles, I began to attempt to use my mind to affect the spin of a silver dollar to make it land on heads.
It landed heads 11 out of 12 spins.

(1) Dat is wat er staat.